I offer various media services including Videography, Photography and Web Site Development.

I learned how to use my dslr camera by photographing and filming live music as a hobby. I have since used these skills to do photoshoots and various other video production projects.  I learned many aspects of video editing while creating music videos and editing live concert videos.

I have been working on web sites ever since I first got access to the internet in the late 90′s, but have just recently developing web sites has become the what I dedicate most of my time to.  As of two years ago, I was working as a Software Automation Test Engineer. This meant I oversaw the process where code was written to automatically test web sites and applications.  Since I have moved on from that position, I have been developing web sites to provide for myself while I continue to search for a web development or test engineer position.



Endurance Sportswire

Endurance Sportswire is an established website that I reprogrammed to improve its efficiency, to reduce the day to day maintenance required to keep the site running and to do an aesthetic update.