Endurance Sportswire


Endurance Sportswire is an established website that I reprogrammed to improve its efficiency, to reduce the day to day maintenance required to keep the site running and to do an aesthetic update.  With more that 100 companies using their press release, industry news, and job board, Endurance Sportswire features over 7000 press releases. The site was functional, but over the years, add-ons and patches had become inefficient and there were many manual interactions required to keep it running. I came it and streamlined some of the processes and rebuilt the site from the group up.

Some of the key features that I programmed or customized were:

eCommerce Shop / Virtual Products

The products in the shop was setup to allow for three types of virtual products. The most difficult to setup was the virtual subscriptions. Users that want to post press release have to have a valid membership to the site. Besides the program required to restrict access based on subscription status in the backend, configuring woocommerce to work with a payment gateway that supported recurring billing and would allow us to migrate users from the previous system proved to be a challenging task.

Image Upload and Optimization

With over 7000 press release, each with the option to have a featured image and a company logo, the site was slowing down serving images that users uploaded in full resolution.  There is a maximum size that each image and logo is displayed in the press release. I improved server efficiency by first resizeing all the existing images. Next I wrote custom code that would size down any newly uploaded images.  The last step was to program a custom funcationality that would give the user an option to use a default logo, choose a logo used in a previous release, or upload a new logo. By reusing logos I was able to further reduce the shear amount of data required for the press release.

Custom User Backend

A user account area was created to allow users to input default settings for their company. Once set, the defaults would be used in the upload press release form, saving users time and promoting the re-use of existing logos.

Cross Site Syndication

Press releases uploaded to Endurance Sportswire now have the options to syndicate and have thier releases also displayed on ESW’s sister site outdoorsportsrwire.com

Custom Menus and Screens

Custom custom login / logout screens, a custom site options menu and a custom mobile menu were programmed using jQuery.

Graphics Update

With a beautiful new logo and graphics package supplied by supplied by HollisBC, I updated the site style and updated all site elements using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Custom Responsive Theme

A custom theme was developed from scratch. This theme is responsive and looks good and phones and tablets. Custom post types were created for Industry News and Podcasts.  A custom sticky menu was created along with the custom menus and screens mentioned previously.

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