Outdoor Sportswire

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Outdoor Sportswire

 (OSW)  has many of the same features of Endurance Sportswire (ESW). There are some features programmed uniquely for OSW.

Custom Video Post Type

The video page was created to display industry related videos. A featured video is displayed at the top of the page along with its description and social media share buttons. Below the featured video is a grid of the other videos, each is linked to its individual video page that has a description and social media share buttons.  The submit form at the bottom of the page allows users to recommend videos to be put onto the site. Once a user submits a video, its is inserted as a draft into the wordpress system, awaiting administrator review.

Custom Rss Feed and Press Release Syndication

Outdoor Sportswire works with it’s sister site, Endurance Sportswire, by allowing press releases to be syndicated from ESW and displayed on OSW.  A custom tag is used to flag releases for syndication. Those releases from ESW are put into a custom rss feed that OSW then reads and displays the contents into its listings.

Custom Coupon functionality

I created a custom coupon functionality that allows a coupon code trigger multiple shopping cart actions.  Certain codes can add an specific product to the cart and add a discount for that product.

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