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Technical Summary

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Responsive Design
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • RESTful API
  • JSON
  • XML
  • PHP
  • ASP.Net
  • VBScript
  • C++
  • VMWare Workstation
  • Visual Studio
  • Quicktest Professional
  • Quality Center

Freelance, San Diego, Ca / Telecommute                    July  2013 -PresentProfessional Experience

Web Designer / Web Developer

  • Front-end and back-end development based in WordPress content management system with heavy use of PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL and jQuery.
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite; Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, After-Effects and Dreamweaver.  
  • RESTful API data retrieval from Google Geocoder, Google Places, Yelp, TripAdvisor, ReserveAmerica, Leafly.
  • Image processing and uploading.
  • Custom ecommerce setup and customization; custom product page design, virtual product purchasing and subscription based billing.
  • Implemented geospatial radius based search engine using SQL,PHP, and Javascript.
  • Valuable experience gained working directly with clients, creating bids and holding myself accountable to schedule and cost estimations.

The Nielsen Company, Telecommute                    June 2010 – June 2013

Senior Technical Quality Specialist

  • Member of the Specialty Testing Center of Excellence group.
  • Functioned as an internal contractor overseeing remote teams in India and reporting to testing center leads.
  • Provided automation testing framework and testing tool development and improvements utilizing ASP.Net, VBScript and Visual Studio.
  • Lead and oversaw remote groups developing regression and end-to-end integration test automation.
  • Guidance, direction, design, implementation and oversight of automation quality being delivered to many global areas of Nielsen’s Testing and Validation group.
  • Worked as a remote employee was very flexible and accommodating in working with various offices simultaneously in multiple different time zones.

The Nielsen Company, San Diego, CA / Telecommute                    January 2008 –June 2010

QA Automation Engineer

  • Moved from local Claritas group to Global Nielsen Automation and Performance Testing Team.
  • Expanded automation testing skill set and had the opportunity to script automation coverage in many different desktop and web based UI’s in Nielsen’s data oriented tracking and reporting applications.
  • Utilized Quicktest Professional and Quality Center to test in many different software environments and technologies:
  • Windows and Linux environments
  • Flex, Echo2 Ajax, ASP.Net
  • SOA and WebService APIs
  • XML and JSon Parsing, Excel File verification
  • Relational Database data verification in Oracle, Netezza, and SQL databases
  • Web Traffic Sniffing and verification

Claritas, San Diego, CA                    October 2004 –February 2008

QA Analyst

  • Promoted to full time position after 4 month internship.
  • Learned SDLC and Quality Assurance methodologies.
  • Duties included execution of functional and automation testing of geospatial demographic and segmentation applications.

Notable Projects

Endurance Sportswire / Outdoor Sportswire /

  • Reprogrammed website from scratch to make improve server efficiency and reduce back-end maintenance that had gotten complicated after years of adding plug-ins to the WordPress based website.
  • Created custom wordpress theme specifically for the site.
  • Reduced number of eCommerce systems required to process virtual, recurring subscription billing, and pay-per-post products from 3 to 1 integrated solution.
  • Automatic Image processing, user uploaded images are re-sized upon upload.


  • Deployed a graphics package provided from the design team, which was optimized with CSS for efficient browser compatibility.
  • Page Caching configuration customized specific to website’s needs and publishing schedule.
  • Database migration of 7000+ existing press releases and over 100 user accounts.
  • Upon success of Endurance Sportswire the functionality was cloned and a similar site, Outdoor Sportswire was created.

1 of a Kind California Cannabis

  • Custom patient application and approval process was developed and integrated with an online medical marijuana eCommerce solution.
  • Custom forms were created to allow potential customers and easy online form to upload secure images and documents in order to provide proof of their physician and recommendation information.
  • The back-end of the site manages secure customer data and product inventory.
  • Photography and design services also provided.
  • Use of Leafly API displays relevant information to the  custom product pages.



  • Programming complete and pending release.
  • Site location search utilizes the Google Geocoding API and custom MySQL based radius search calculations.
  • pulls information from multiple online services, using APIs from Google Places, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Reserve America.

Media Production

As a co-founder, web designer, photographer, and videographer for I have contributed to over 40 published photo galleries and over 40 live and studio music videos.

  • Starting as a hobby and growing over time, I have had the opportunity to keep my photography, video production, and audio production skills up to date.
  • On Average we will film 10 live concerts a year, providing audio processing and multi-camera live music videos.
  • We started “The Leucadia Sessions” to provide bands with professional promotional videos that showcase their live performance in a more controlled setting. With multi-tracked audio recorded of the live performance, we provide a polished live experience that is a key marketing and promotional tool for many bands.


California State University, San Marcos San Marcos, CA

  • 2004 Bachelors of Computer Science
  • 2003 Dean’s list selection


Nielsen Silver Award, The Nielsen Company

Framework Development

“Produced a Proof of Concept implementing a new template based framework that improves current automation.  VBScript was used to interface with the Quality Center API in order to utilize it as the centralized location for test case, test data, automation source code and execution results storage.   The framework simplified the use of automation making it more efficient and easier to maintain. Developed a tool to convert manual test cases in Quality Center into executable automation test items to reduce automation development time.”

Nielsen Silver Award, The Nielsen Company

End to End Testing Solution

“Contributed significantly in the realm of providing technical solutions which has allowed for the vision of End To End test automation to become a reality. He has diligently worked on identifying solutions which can stand the test of time, and allow for maximum return on investment to occur over the years to come. Due to his contribution the NCR team is targeting to save around 343 days! “

Utilizing Quality Center as the centralized test hub, QuickTest Professional was used to interface many scripted components including Web based GUI Web applications, backend Unix servers, multiple database platforms and WebService calls.  This data agnostic test system was also server independent and features compartmentalized components in order to utilize one code test bed for end to end testing as well as for regression testing of the individual applications.


Steve Lescamela


Tina Wimott